The Welcome message of the Hellinic Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Greece was founded in 1972. The aspiration was and remains the development and systematic provision of versatile services, programs, and activities that aim at the addressing of needs, improvement of
situations and the promotion of the interests of people that suffer from cerebral palsy in Greece.

With education in its wide form, with medical care and treatment, with social and psychological support, with professional training and development, with creative activities and temporary lodging, we succeed in an approach that touches every facet of the life of a person with cerebral palsy.

To this day, it is this spirit that governs all of the Society's activities, which aim at:
4 systematic provision of services to children and adults with cerebral palsy, and ongoing support for their families;
4 promoting the principle of acceptance for every person, both by his/her family and by society as a whole;
4 training and further education for specialist staff;
4 raising public awareness;
4 encouraging scientific research, particularly as regards prevention;
4 promoting legislative and government measures in favor of disabled people.

It concerns a wide spectrum of activities and initiatives with a long term perspective.

More than 4,000 families have received the support of the Society over the years, and at least 240 persons of all ages, attend the Society's daily programs. Currently the Prototype Center for the education and rehabilitation ‘Open Door" operates fully equipped and staffed.

  • Specialist doctors offices and social services
  • Departments for psychology, physiotherapy, work therapy, speech therapy, sensitivity completion
  • Kinden garden teams for psychokinetic development for small children and tea for the Development education and occupation of young individuals
  • Public special seven-seater primary school
  • Productive workshops and a unit for the education in informatics
  • Day center and unit fro the education in autonomy
  • Adult club art and cultural leisure time activities
  • Temporary stay hostel
  • Specialized center for the professional education
  • Programs for exercise, sports, rehabilitating swimming, therapeutic equestrian.

The prototype center Open Door, provides daily free transport with specially modified school busses, donations from foundations like the Liliaan Voudouri Foundation, the Stavros Niarhos Foundation, the Melas Foundation and from private benefactors.

Contact details

Cerebral Palsy Greece
Prototype Center for Education and Rehabilitation
Open Door
M.Geroulanos 117, 164 52 Argyroupolis
T. 210-9622290, F 210-9644330, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,