The message of ELGEKA

For the fourth consecutive year ELGEKA becomes the vehicle within which TI ILAR travels.

This period that we live through deep changes in anything that we take for granted, respecting and understanding whatever is not within our narrow daily lives, gain special weight.

It was based on this rationale that we have expressed our social sensitivity donating energy and infrastructure in order fro TIO ILAR to be realized fro the fourth consecutive year, an event that allows 47 artists to interact artistically while they provide the core that is transformed in a financial contribution to the Cerebral Palsy Greece.

Five years ago we have decided to realize the idea that the social contribution need not be heavy or unbearable for any party and that provided there is a co-operation, benefits are constantly multiple.

That is our priority in our professional activities and it gives us great joy that we are able to transfer these beliefs by offering to the daily lives of artists as well as people with cerebral palsy.

V. Evgenios
Managing director