Xenos, Harris

Curriculum Vitae

Date and Place of Birth: 1st September, 1959 – Zakynthos, Greece.
Degrees and Certificates: 1979  –  Kallithea Boys Higher School leaving Certificate Athens        
1986  -  completed a 5 year study course at the Art  School of Professors O.Debre – L.Nallard – P.Allechinsky – of the Paris School of Fine Arts. An Honours Degree from the Superior Paris School of Fine Arts (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts).

Seminars: 1987 -1990 -  attended a three year seminar course on the history of Art under the supervision of the Historian Hubert Damish at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales de Paris on the subject of “Art – Architecture – Theatre – Cinema”.
Foreign languages: French – excellent
English -  very good (obtained Marickville  Primary School certificate in Sydney Australia.)
Italian – good (attended a foreign language course at Cite des Sciences et de la Industrie in Paris.)

Solo Exhibitions

 1987:     Gallery “New Faces”, Athens
1987:    Gallery “Le Haut Pave”, Paris
1990:    Gallery “Il Segno”, Rome
1990:    Gallery “De l’Echaude”, Paris
1992:    Gallery “Il Segno” Tridente Sette, Rome
1993:    Gallery “De l’Echaude”, Paris
1996:    Foundation “Goulandri – Horn”,Limonas, Athens
1998:    Gallery “Bernard Bouche”, Paris
1999:    Gallery “Athens Hall of Fine Art”, Athens
2002:    Institute “Cervantes” L.Cernuda, F.G.Lorca, Athens
2002:    Institute “Cervantes”, J.L.Borges, Book Arcade, Athens
2002:    Gallery “Henri Bussiere”, Paris
2006:    Gallery “Cats & Marbles”, Palimpsista, Athens
2007:    Book exhibition “A Greek look for F.G.Lorca”, Malaga Spain
2008:    Gallery “K-Art” Memory of Places, Athens
2010:    “National Archaelogical Museum” Sites And Times, Athens
2011:    “Benaki Museum of Islamic Art” Time in Athens, Athens

Group Exhibitions

•    Group Exhibitions
1982:    “Maison des Beaux Arts”,Paris
1983:    “Centre Culturel de Chelles”, Groupe 2T – 2N, France
1983:    “Centre Culturel de Masy-Palaiseau”,( supervised by E.Mavromati), France
1983-1985: “Salon des Realites Nouvelles”, Paris
1985:    Hotel de la Monnaie”, Paris
1985:    “Chapelle Saint-Marie” Nievre France
1990:    “Salon de Montrouge”, Paris
1990:    Gallery “Il Segno” for the International Art exhibition in Florence
1990:    “Grand Palais”,Dialogues,(supervised by B.Karkagianni-Karampelia),Paris
1991:    “International Art Festival”Cagnes sur Mer France
1991:    “2nd Contemporary Art Cruise”
1992:    Gallery “Il Segno” at the International Art exhibition in Florence
1992:    “Casa de Poeta” (within EXPO 1992), Seville
1992:    “Cite des Arts”, Paris
1992:    “Salon Comparaison”, Paris
1992:    “La Petite Galerie”, Paris
1993:    Gallery “De l’Echaude” at the International exhibition of Contemporary Art
(“FIAC”) in Paris
1993:    Gallery “Il Segno” at the International Art exhibition in Bologne
1994:    Gallery “Il Segno” at the International Art exhibition in Bologne
1994:    Gallery “Darthea Speyer”, Le dessein, Paris
1994:    “Maison de l’Europe, Contemporary Greek Art,(supervised by the Greek Embassy,Paris), Paris
1994:    Gallery, “Eva Menzio”, (in cooperation with “Il Segno”), Torino
1994:    “Studio Recalcati”, Torino
1994:    Gallery “Continua”, San Gimignano, Italy
1995:    “Musee d’Art Moderne de Nice”, XIV Biennale, France
1995:     Gallery “Jacob”, Au hazard le rouge, Paris
1995:    “Chateau des Ducs d’Epernon” Polytropes, Supervised by B.Karkagianni-Karampelia), Bordeaux , France
1995:    “Casa de la Cultura de Valdepenas de Jaen”, Andalucia, Spain
1996:    Gallery “Jacob”, Les trente ans de la Galerie Jacob, Paris
1996:    Gallery “Jacob”, Suite, Paris
1996:    Gallery “Spatium”, Tavira Portugal
1996:    Musee de la ville Franche”, Nice, France
1997:    Gallery “Le Haut Pave”,  Paris
1997:    Gallery “Jacob”, Paris
1998:    Foundation “Prince Pierre de Monaco”, France
1999:    Gallery “Sabine Puget”, Paris
2001:    Gallery “Olivier Nouvellet”, Le Choix, Paris
2001:    Gallery “Henri Bussiere”, Paris
2003:    Gallery “Le Haut Pave”, 1953-2003, Paris
2004:    Gallery “Henri Bussiere”, Paris
2006:    “Sophia Laskaridou” public Gallery, Athens
2007:    International Conference for S.Plath, Oxford – England
2010:    Gallery “Magna”, Mirtis, Athens
2011:    “Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki”, Mirtis, Thessaloniki

•    Distinctions
1986:    Awarded during graduation from the School of Fine Arts ,Paris
(Ecole Nationale  Superieure des Beaux Arts)
1991:    Awarded by Art Critics at the International Art Festival in the town of Cagne
Sur Mer , Nice (France) as Greek representative

•    Presentation of Work of Art
1992:    In the subject of “Art Contemporain Grec” with the lecturer B.Karkagianni-Karampelia

•    Catalogue Issues
1983-1985: Salon des Realites Nouvelles Catalogue, Paris
1989:    “Le Haut Pave”, Gallery Catalogue, Paris
1990:    “Il Segno” Gallery Catalogue. Article – C.M.Cederna, Rome
1990:    B.S Frisira Collection Catalogue, Contemporary Art, Athens
1992:    “Ile Segno”Gallery Catalogue, Tridente sette. Subject: C.M. Cederna, Rome
1995:    “Cahiers de l’Ambassade de Grece a Paris catalogue, Paris
1995:    “Ile Segno” Gallery Catalogue, 1964-1994, Rome
1995:    “Il Segno” Gallery Catalogue, Luoghi quaranta per quaranta, Rome
1995:    “Chateau des Ducs d’Epernon” catalogue, Polytropes. Article by B.Karkagianni-Karampellia, Bordeaux, France
1996:    “Goulandri – Horn” Foundation Catalogue, Limonas, Article by A.I.d. Metaxa. Athens
1998:    “Prince Pierre de Monaco”XXXII, Foundation Catalogue, Monaco
2000:    Greek Artists Dictionary, Melisa Publishers. Articles by E. Savani, Athens
2006:    Cats & Marbles Gallery Catalogue, Palimpsista, with articles by A.Plantzou,J.M.
Nectoux, Athens
2006:    Public Gallery Catalogue “Sophia Laskaridou”, Athens
2010:    Gallery “Magna”, Myrtis, Athens

•    Library Archive Entries
1.    Limonas and Palimpsista Catalogues have been registered at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in the Department des Estampes et de la Photographie, Paris
2.    Photocopy of art – book  Jorge Luis Borges to be found in Biblioteca Nacional Buenos Aires, Argetina
•    Attendance at Artistic Publications
1.    Illustration of Cover page “Political Word” A.I.D Metaxa , mentioned in the preface,
Ant. Sakoula Publishers, 1995, Athens
2.    Magazine “The Word” April – June Issue feature on Hispanic Literature (illustration),
2004, Athens
3.    Invitation and poster for the 100th year from the birth of Pablo Neruda, Embassy of Chile, 2004, St. Nicholas, Crete
4.    Illustration of cover page “Smoke Signs” G.Georgousi (66 Greek Haikou), Diaton publishers, 2006, Athens

•    Other Artistic Activities
1987:    Scene settings for a video clip for Antenne 2, France (assistant to the director)
1987-1993:    Presenter of Artistic - scientific exhibitions and educational programmes
At Cite des Sciences et de l’Indutrie, Paris
1996:    Organiser for the discussion with subject: Limonas: Garden Beauty, at the Foundation  Goulandri – Horn, (speakers I.A.D Metaxas, A. Pagoulatos, S.Kontaratos), Athens

•    Works of Art in private collections
1.    National Bank of Greece, Athens
2.    Foundation Goulandri – Horn , Athens
3.    G. Bouziani Collection, Athens
4.    X.Antoniou Collection, Athens
5.    Polliani Collection, Rome
6.    A. Savinio de Cirico, Rome
7.    D. Speyer, Collection, Paris
8.    R. Citroen Collection, Paris
9.    A. Pimentes-Francoso Collection, Portugal
10.    Casa de la cultura Collection, Valdepenas de Jaen, Spain
11.    F.Ditesheim Collection, Switzerland
12.    Book exhibition Malaga, Spain
Works of art can also be found in London, Chicago, Israel and Brazil

•    Bibliography
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Οι τόποι του Χάρη Ξένου κατοικούνται από ένα παλίμψηστο αναμνήσεων. Τα βήματα του ζωγράφου θυμούνται τους δρόμους του Campo de’ Fiori και τις παλίρροιες του Capo de Roca∙ ιχνηλατούν τα βήματα του Borges.

Από τα έργα του αναδίδεται το άρωμα της γραφής και η θέρμη της ανάμνησης. Αρχιτεκτονήματα, ανθρώπινη ιστορία και ιστορίες, μνήμη των τόπων και τόποι της μνήμης. Στις πυραμίδες, τους κίονες, το δομημένο χώρο, ο δημιουργός βλέπει τη συνέχεια της ζωής, αχνές ανάσες του παρελθόντος. Το βλέμμα του ζωγράφου προσηλώνεται στην αρχιτεκτονική με μυστικιστική ευλάβεια, βαθύτατα ουμανιστική. Τα pastel χρώματα στους πίνακές του, το καλοδουλεμένο «fresco» και η υφή των συχνά ετερόκλητων υλικών χτίζουν ένα τοπίο αχνού φωτός και υγρασίας, επισκέπτονται έναν τόπο συναισθημάτων και ενδοσκόπησης.

Σε κάθε στροφή μας περιμένει μια νέα όψη βιωμένης ιστορίας, και στο βάθος του δρόμου το ποτάμι που είναι χρόνος και νερό.

Τα τοπία του Χάρη Ξένου δονούνται από μνήμες και χρόνους ανθρώπων. Δεν νοσταλγούν – θυμούνται∙ δεν αναπολούν – ταξιδεύουν και ταξιδεύονται.

Παραδομένα στη λήθη, συναντούν τις προσδοκίες μας.