Nikos Kaskouras

Curriculum Vitae

Nikos Kaskouras was born in 1958 in the village of Koutsochera at the precinct of Pyrgos Ilias in Greece. He migrated to Athens and later traveled to countries in Europe, such as Germany; Holland; Italy; and Spain. He studied painting and sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome under Sadro Trotti (1973-1978). His nostalgia for his homeland brought him back to Greece, and has been living in Athens permanently since 1978. From 1991 he has been teaching drawing and color at the Athenian Artistic and Technological Group (AKTO). It is worth noting that Kaskouras is working very hard and exhibits once in a while in order to preserve the high standards of his artistic production.

The art of Kaskouras belongs to the most attractive visual expressions of the 1980s generation, which is characterized by original renewals and reformations. According to the aesthete Costas Stavropoulos, "Kaskouras expresses the grasping ot the Hellenic-European visual education, inclining more towards the Euro-German social expressionism" (2003).

Solo Exhibitions

Nikos Kaskouras has received the following personal exhibitions: Eleni Koroneou Art Gallery, Athens (1990, 1992, 1994, 1997); Figures, Center About Art, Patras, Greece (2003). He has also taken part in the following group exhibitions: Biennale di Giovani Artisti, Italy (1976); Panhellenic Art Exhibition, Organization of the Port of Pireaus (1987); Encounters - Remarks - Contradictions, Municipal Gallery of Athens (1988); Ten Painters, House of Cyprus, Athens (1990); Eleni Koroneou Art Gallery, Athens (1992); Obedient to the Inner Word, House of Cyprus (1990), Similar Routes, Mylos, Thessaloniki (1996); Listen to Silence, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1988); Unfair, Kappatos Gallery, Athens & Thessaloniki (2007); and Trans-Mission, Old Primary School of Kardamyli, Lefktro Manis, Greece (2007). § Nikos Kaskouras continues to live and work in Athens.