Annette Hilbrecht

Curriculum Vitae

Annette Hilbrecht  was born in 1955 in Simbach/Inn, Germany. Her father accepted a position as a teacher in Athens, Greece, so the family mooved to Greece in 1956. Most of her education took place in the German School in Athens, she graduated in 1974.

1978-1984: Educational and practical training as a sculptor at the”Hochschule der Künste”, Berlin, resulted in the appointment to “Meisterschüler of Prof. Tajirr”.

1984-1985: She received a grant and went to study at the “New York Studio School.

1985: Another grant given by the “Chicago Arts Institute” was not keeping her from her plans to live in San Francisco until 1991 she mooved back to Berlin.

2000- : since then, Annette Hilbrecht lives and works predominately in Mani, Peloponnes, Greece. Nevertheless she continues to exhibit in several european countries.

Annette Hilbrecht works with new and recycled iron, incorporating found objects as well as other materials like paper wood and galvanized sheet-metal.

Generally speaking, my work is about common “things” which surround us and are part of our physical and mental landscape.
I see them….
I pick them up and I see another side of them .
I might read a story in them or hear a song , or find a joke.
I combine strangeness and beauty, function and play.
To me the world is a weaving of layers which we can combine in an endless number of ways

Solo Exhibitions

1984:  Galerie Hans Kremer, Berlin
           Gallery Everything Berlin, New York City
1992:   Gallerie Tallinn, Berlin
1993:  Rote Villa, Berlin, Intallation "Stadt/Land/Fluss" (with G.Trinczek),
           Schloß Celle, Kunstverein Celle : „Transpositionen“ (with G.Trinczek
           Künstlerhaus Göttingen : "Days like this" (with G.Trinczek)
2002:    Gehag, Berlin (with K.Schweier)
             Galerie Kandinski, Wien
2006     Gehag, Berlin (with K.Schweier)

Group Exhibitions

1980: DAAD Galerie, Berlin, Klasse Tajiri
1981:  Quergalerie HDK,Berlin : Blickfelder
           Akademie Stuttgart : Austausch Stuttgart/Berlin
           Kunstremise Lemgo :Berliner Bildhauer
1982:   Karl Hofer Gesellschaft,Berlin : Druckgrafik
           Ecole des Beaux Arts,Nantes : Klasse Tajiri in Nantes
           Museum für Verkehr und Technik, Berlin: Kunst u. Technik
1985:  Kunstquartier, Berlin: Leute die....
1986:  Outdoor Sculptor Show,Brooklyn N.Y.C.
           Museum without Walls, Long Island, New York
           Bruno Facchetti Gallery,N.Y.C. : Postexpress
1990:  Fobo Gallery, San Francisco: Groupshow
           Artlick Gallery, S.F.: Groupshow
1991:   Bethanien Berlin : 9 Hasenheide 9
1994:   Rathaus Schöneberg,Berlin : 40 Jahre sind genug...
1999:   GEHAG Forum,Berlin : SkulpturenVII