Stolan Donev

Curriculum Vitae

Stolan Donev was born in Nova Zagora, Bulgaria. He finished the art lyceum in Kazanlak (1968-1972).
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia with professor P. Panajotof (1972-1979).
From 1985-1991 he was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Since 1991 he has been living and working in Athens.

Solo Exhibitions

1982 Rouski 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1983 Rakofska 125 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1985 Rakofska 125 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1992 Astra Gallery, Athens, Greece
1994 Antinor Gallery, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece
1995  "M. Platania" Gallery, Zakinthos, Greece
1995 UN Geneva, Switzerland
1997  "M. Platania" Gallery, Zakinthos, Greece
2000 Melina Merkouri, Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
2000  M. Platania Gallery, Zarinthos, Greece

Group Exhibitions

1973 National Competition for Young Artists of Bulgaria, 1st prize Gold Medal
1979-1991 Participation in all National Exhibitions of Bulgarian Artists in Bulgaria
1982,1985 Plain Air Tergoviste
1985 Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Bulgaria in Moscow
1987 Plain Air Pleven
1986, 1989 International Trienale of Classic Painting, Sofia, Bulgaria
1992, '93, '94   Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece
1995 M. Platania Gallery, Zakinthos, Greece
2000 Bulgarian Embassy, Athens, Greece
2000 APT RION Group exhibitions from Balcan artists
2000 Gallery Zervas, Patras, Greece