Stelios Gavalas

Curriculum Vitae

1966: Stelios Gavalas was born in Athens, Greece.
1985: He attended the School of Fine Arts in Athens where he majored in sculpture under the guidance of two of Greece's most respected professors G. Nicolaidis and T. Papagiannis.
At the same time he studied casting, ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, experimenting also with various other materials.
1990: He graduated with honors.
1992-1994: He lived in Sydney, Australia where he experimented with various materials for casting in conjunction with the School of Arts in Sydney.
1998: He is currently working at the Archaeological Receipts Fund of the Ministry of Culture in Athens.
He has also worked in conjunction with the Byzantine, the Numismatic and the Archaeological Museum where he has produced casts from original ancient artifacts.
He has worked on the service for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments. He is currently living and working in Athens.
His work can be found at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, in the National Art Gallery of Athens, in various galleries and private collections in Greece and abroad.

Solo Exhibitions

 1995: Rethymno, Gallery "Morfes".
1996: Athens, Gallery "Ekfrasi".
1999: Spetses, Gallery" Astrolavos".
2000: Xanthi, Folklore Museum.
2001: Athens, Gallery "Ekfrasi" - Gianna Grammatopoulou.
2007: Athens, Gallery "Ikastikos kiklos" - Flying Cities: Click to see a video.
1987: Rethimno, 150 year anniv. School of Fine Arts.
1988: Rethimno, Graduates Exhibition.
1989: Delphi.
1989: Athens, Cultural Centre.
1990: Athens, National Art Gallery - Graduates Exhibition.
1991: Athens, Conference for Mediterranean Artists.
1993: Athens, The Sculpture Society.
1994: Athens, Conservatory.
1995: Athens, Hyghea Hospital.
1996: Athens, The Book Arcade.
1997: Athens, Gallery "Antinor".
1997: Athens, losifoglio Megaro.
1998: Sydney, Gallery "Millennium".
1998: Piraeus, 23rd ESMO Congress, P.F.S., "Astrolavos Galleries".
1999: Thessaloniki, Art Forum VILKA GALLERY.
2000: Bucharest, Romania.
2000: Athens, Gallery "PIERIDIS".
2001: Athens, Hyghea Hospital.
2001: Florence, Biennale International.
2001: Faliro, Sculptures on the Promenade.
2002: Athens, Gazi "Technopolis" EETE.
2003: Thessaloniki, The Sculpture Society of Greece, "Mythology".
2003: Athens, Miniature Sculpture Exhibition EETE.
2004: Athens, Gallery "Zygos".
2004: Athens, Gallery "Aegokeros".
2005: Athens, Gallery Adam "The Ocean".
2006: Athens, "COW PARADE".
Awards: Award for sculpture at the International Biennale of Florence.